"Awesome Expressions” is a way of using my camera along with God’s Word to show my appreciation for God’s awesome creations. One of the ways of thanking God for all He has done for me, is to grab my camera and photograph the beautiful surroundings that God has given us.  And then share them - along with the messages that God has given us in the Bible.  Getting into the Bible daily and staying close to the Lord is so important today in these troubled times.  Listening to the news these days is so negative and scary.  But we, who have read God’s Word, can feel confident that the Lord is still in control.  We have read the end of the Book . . . And it has an awesome ending!

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Enjoy these pages.  Be encouraged!
Deborah Henry
When you think that you're a pretty good person,

When you think that sex outside of marriage is no big deal,

When you think that homosexuality isn't a problem,

When you think that if you are having sex and aren't married, you're going to be accepted by God,

When you think that there are more ways to God than through submission to Jesus as Lord and Savior,

When you think that going to church isn't really that important,

When you think that 'sin is sin' so you should be able to do what you want,

When you think "Hey, judge not!" when a believer comes to you about your sin and you choose to cling to it,

When you think that God 'knows your heart' and that He doesn't mind that you stay continuing in your sin,

When you think you can pick and choose how you're going to follow Jesus,

When you think it's your place to play judge and decide 'how serious' your favorite sins are in order to keep doing them,

...you think wrong and you stand in direct rebellion to the God of the Bible.

It's not the 'bigots' or the 'super Christians' you oppose; its God.

We don't customize Jesus. He transforms us or we stay in our sin, living like we want, often time while claiming to know Him. The bible warns with "Do not be deceived" because of the propensity for us to be deceived. If we claim to know Him but live like the world, we're mislead and stand condemned lest we repent.

Turn from your sin and to Christ. He takes the dirtiest of sinners and renews their hearts and minds. He changes their hearts so that they desire to actually follow Him instead of the half-hearted faking we're so prone to.

-Emily Thomes​

February 22, 2019

"His bow remained unmoved; his arms were made agile by the hands of the mighty one of Jacob."  Genesis 49:24

The strength that God gives to His Josephs is real strength; it is not a boasted valor, a fiction, a thing of which men talk but which ends in smoke; it is true--divine strength.

Why does Joseph stand against temptation? Because God enables him. There is nothing that we can do without the power of God. All true strength comes from "the Mighty One of Jacob." Notice in what a blessedly familiar way God gives this strength to Joseph--"His arms were made agile by the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob." God is represented as putting His hands on Joseph's hands, placing His arms on Joseph's arms. Just as a father teaches his children, so the Lord teaches them that fear Him. He puts His arms upon them. Marvelous condescension! God Almighty, Eternal, Omnipotent, stoops from His throne and lays His hand upon the child's hand, stretching His arm upon the arm of Joseph, that he may be made strong!

This strength was also covenant strength, for it is ascribed to "the Mighty One of Jacob." Now, wherever you read of the God of Jacob in the Bible, you should remember the covenant with Jacob. Christians love to think of God's covenant. All the power, all the grace, all the blessings, all the mercies, all the comforts, all the things we have flow to us from the fountainhead, through the covenant. If there were no covenant, then we should fail indeed; for all grace proceeds from it, as light and heat from the sun. No angels ascend or descend except by the ladder that Jacob saw, at the top of which stood a covenant God. Christian, it may be that the archers have sorely grieved you and shot at you and wounded you, but still your bow remains unmoved. Be sure, then, to ascribe all the glory to Jacob's God.​

Truth for Life Daily Devotional - Alistair Begg

My Daily Prayer to the Lord
(Modeled after the Lord's Prayer)
Lord God, 
Your name is hallowed - there is no name higher than Yours. May I always (in everything I do) bring glory to Your name. You alone are Holy and I will always be in awe of you. I respect and honor You. Without You, I am nothing.  

I pray that your will be done, not mine. I will always seek first Your kingdom, and not let the pressures of living in this fallen world distract me from living in your presence. Let your will be done - not mine. Jesus come quickly and establish your perfect Kingdom here on earth. That is the home I am looking forward to. This fallen world is not my home and I praise and thank You that it is just temporary. I am so looking forward to living in Your Kingdom on earth for all eternity!

I ask that you supply me with my daily needs . . . which not only consist of food, clothing and shelter, but most importantly the spiritual “bread” that only Christ can give. The spiritual food that will never let me go hungry for the guidance, comfort, strength and support from you, Lord. You help me deal with the pressures and worries of living in a fallen world. I thank You and praise You for providing all this for me.

Please help me to forgive those who have hurt and disappointed me. I pray that You will soften their hearts and draw them to You. Only You have the power to change hearts. I will not hold grudges. I will let You deal with those who have trespassed against me. I forgive and love them and pray for them.  
Christ came into the world not only to reconcile us to God, but to one another.

Help me to achieve victory over sin. Protect me from the attacks of the devil.

Psalm 141:4 -
“Do not let my heart incline to any evil, to busy myself with wicked deeds in company with men who work iniquity, and let me not eat of their delicacies!”  

Psalm 27:11 -
“Teach me your way, O Lord, and lead me on a level path.”  

Thank You Lord, for drawing me to you and giving me the faith and belief I need for salvation. I will always praise and worship you.